April 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

April… Missions Month for our church!

Yes, even in a foreign country it is important to focus on the need to take the Word of God to a suffering world. We have spent 18 years teaching and training in the Nation of Paraguay. During all of these years we have been planting seeds and caring for the spiritual plants that have grown. Our main goal is to teach the Word of God and guide the people to become ‘doers of the Word’. We are seeing the people grab hold of the Word and share it with their families, friends and countrymen. Someday soon we will see missionaries go forth with the Word to areas of the world that we cannot personally touch!

This year Pastors Clarence and Marion (Zirkle) Wright were our special guest speakers for our Missions Convention. Pastor Clarence is the LWT Director of Guatemala and Pastor Marion is the President and Co-Founder of the LWT Ministry. Hearts and minds were challenged as this precious couple presented teachings centered on The Power of the Word in Missions. We saw souls saved and believers filled with the Holy Spirit as the Word went forth. A number of hands were raised when the challenge went forth for those who felt the call of missions in their lives… another step in completing our vision in Paraguay!

Before the convention started, crews worked hard to have the new bathroom complex finished. Pastors Clarence and Marion joined us in thanking and dedicating the building to God. What a celebration we had! (Jerry even completed his promise of shaving off his beard when the building was completed… and we helped him!)

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from our Missions Convention – 2010:



God’s Word is being lifted up!