June 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

June… another month to celebrate!

We were going to say that we really don’t celebrate all the time, but that isn’t true… we are always celebrating the goodness of our God and his Word! (And we have such a good time doing it!) THIS TIME, we were celebrating the 13th Anniversary of the Bible Teaching Center Church!

What started out as a small Bible study group in the Barrio of Santa Rita (neighborhood of Saint Rita) quickly grew into a church and continues to grow and touch lives in and around this same neighborhood. For ten years we rented our church space, but because of the blessing of God, we now hold our services under the trees of our own property. We own 10 lots, with 2 more under contract or promises of purchase. The buildings include the office and the bathroom complex.

These 13 Years have brought times of: joy and frustration; questions and undying hope and faith; challenges and out and out spiritual war, but all in all, we have seen the Hand of God move on our behalf. We are pleased to tell you that the Word is going forth, souls are being saved, people are being healed and devils are being cast out. According to the Word of God, this means that our church is alive and putting action to our faith!

It has always been our goal and desire to someday place a Paraguayan pastor at the head of the church. We are confident that when this happens there will be an even greater growth and outreach of the church body.

Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy from the 13th Anniversary Celebration:


Isn’t serving God an adventure?