August 2010

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Israel… the love of Father God!

ChimelesMany years ago we asked God how we could bless and support Israel. Why? Because we could see in the Word how important it was to Him. We are so excited to tell you that God answered our prayers and take a moment to share with you some of the opportunities we have had to show our love for Israel.

Our first contact was with Gustavo & Christina Chimeles (picture at right), a Messianic Jewish missionary couple from Argentina who love and preach Jesus. They have become a part of our family and our Paraguayan church supports them monthly.

ElizabethTAMIdanceNext we struck up a friendship with and now support with a monthly offering, a group of Israeli dancers called AMISRAEL (pictures at left) who stole our hearts with their Hebrew songs and dance. We have enjoyed hosting them in the local church on several occasions - go to AMISRAEL website.

Through this friendship we were introduced to another part of their organization, a part that is more active in the GiladShalitpolitical aspects of Israel. In August we were invited to attend a signing of a resolution set forth by the House Senate Committee in the Paraguayan Parliament Building in Asunción, a resolution condemning the capture by Hamas and the illegal imprisonment, for over 4-years, of Gilad Shalit (picture at right), an Israeli soldier. What an honor for us to be a witness to and participate in the act!

BiblesignAnother event with the AMISRAEL group, that gave us great joy, was the opportunity to personally handwrite and sign a portion of the Holy Scriptures in Spanish (picture at left). Nations around the world were assigned a segment of the Bible to be hand written in their native language, taken to Israel to be bound, and then this Bible of all languages will be placed in the Museum of the Bible in the Valley of the Bible.

Our love for Israel grows with the passing of time and someday it is our dream to actually visit, but until that day we will pray and lift up Her up before God! Thank you for your prayers and support during the month of August.  God bless Israel!