September 2010

2010 09 ty header

September 2010… the month finally arrived! It had been ‘1 year and 3 months’ since we had been to the States, so you can imagine how excited we were when our plane finally landed in Denver, Colorado! The trip took 31 hours… including 12 hours spent on a layover in Miami. Sad to say, it wasn’t our normal ‘eventless trip’, Connie was sick most of the time. In fact, we wouldn’t have been surprised if they had charged us for an extra seat for all of the time that she spent in the restroom!

Both of our sons, Brent & Patrick, met us at the airport. Just an hour more of traveling and then we were surrounded by grandchildren! Ah, how sweet! For part of the month 2010 09 pastors visitedwe bounced between the homes of our sons and Jerry’s mother, Leora, in Loveland and Windsor, Colorado and Connie’s sister Linda’s and Jerry’s sister Janet’s in Nebraska.

The ‘ministry side’ of our time in September included a quick trip to Ashland, WI to be with the Pastors JD & Merri Weber, in their church Celebration Fellowship. We also shared at Resurrection Fellowship with Pastors Jonathan and Amy Wiggins, Loveland, Colorado, and with Rev. Tom Hyde of  First United Methodist Church and Rev. Eric Meissner of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Sidney, Nebraska. What great church families!

We can’t believe how quickly September passed, but we still have two more months of visiting and traveling around the country ahead of us. Yep, God is good, He supplies all of our needs and has thrown in some very special blessings too!

Thank you for your prayers and support during the month of September has made our first month home a joy!