April 2011


Dear Friends and family,


April… we are so excited to share one of the many testimonies that we have received during the weekly visits to the Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital in San Lorenzo. To refresh your memory, we have been making weekly visits to the children’s hospital since June of 2005 - praying for the children and their parents. One area of the hospital is a shelter set up for live-in cancer patients and their parents. Weekly, Marí Báez, one of our volunteers, holds a short Bible study for the parents and the older children. The class of students tends to rotate, with new parents arriving and older ones leaving. Depending on the health of the child, sometimes the parents can be with us for years, which is the case of Gillernina.


About two years ago Gillernina arrived at the hospital, seeking help for her son. During one of Marí’s visits, Gillernina believed and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. From that time on she became a faithful student of the Word of God… listening and hiding the Word away in her heart.

2011 04 ty foto
Marí Báez – seated first on right.
Gillernina – seated second on rig

years later, Gillernina has been asked to become the ‘director of the kitchen’ for the parents and children in the cancer shelter. (Meaning that she has been entrusted with the key to the refrigerator and other areas where the food is to be stored.) The food situation has been one of ‘feast or famine’ for the shelter… mainly famine. With her new responsibility, Gillernina began telling the other parents that they needed to start doing what Marí was teaching them… believe and ask God! For the most part her words were met with disbelief and bad attitudes, but Gillernina was determined. She told the group that they needed to pray and ask God to provide meat for the freezer. After praying, she said: “now we need to clean the freezer and get it ready for the meat.” Most just shook their head, but a few helped to ready the freezer.


Within two days a man arrived from the interior of the country, asking if they had a need for some meat. Needless to say, Gillernina was very excited and the others were still shaking their heads. Next, there was the lack of sugar… a very expensive item these days. Marí, Gillernina and the Bible study group prayed and soon a truck load of sugar arrived! Milk was the next item on the prayer list and sure enough, after prayer, they received an abundance of milk! (Now, they were beginning to get the attention of the other parents.)


Gillernina was content, now the kitchen storage area was filled and the children were eating real food instead of the ‘popcorn diet’ they were living on before. But, there was one thing that the children were asking for that they did not have and that was a special roll that they like to eat with their milk. When Marí arrived for their class, Gillernina shared the need and they all joined in prayer, asking God for the bread rolls. Would you believe, within the week a truck loaded with bread rolls arrived and donated all that they could eat and more! Yep, God at work… again!


While sharing this testimony, Marí smiled and said: “You know, this week each and every one of the parents came out of their rooms and gathered around the table for our teaching and prayer time!” God is doing a great work in this area of the hospital. Marí is faithfully teaching, what she has learned in the church and Bible school, to this small group of needy parents. They are grabbing ahold of the Word, believing and putting it into practice and God is meeting their daily needs! Thank you Father.


May your prayers be answered with abundance also!


Jerry and Connie