June 2011


Dear Friends and family,


acosta u 2How many times, while sharing about our ministry at the Children’s Hospital Acosta Nu, have we said: “Hey, we wish you could have been there…”? Well, once again it is true; we wish you could have been there!


acosta u 1Let us paint you the picture… after finishing our rounds, five members of our prayer team sat down under the shade trees to await Mari as she finished her weekly Bible study with the cancer patient’s mothers.


As we sat there talking, I (Connie) noticed that we had the undivided attention of a young man who sat several yards away from us. Now, it is not unusual that our large gift baskets and bright yellow ball caps draw attention… we do kind of stand out, but there was something different about the gaze of this guy.


As if suddenly making up his mind, the young man walked over and greeted our group, saying that he remembered us from our visit the week before. Then, he came over where I was sitting and said: “…but you are the one I want to talk to, you’re the one who prayed for me and my daughter.”


He went on to tell us that the week before his daughter was scheduled for brain surgery. Tears welled in his eyes as he stated that he had been very upset and anxious at the time when we came in asking if we could pray for his daughter. Our prayer was simple, asking God to guide the hands of the surgeons, giving the child a speedy recovery, and peace to the heart of her father and mother. With a few more words of love and assurance, we moved on to pray for others.


With the biggest smile ever and a loud voice that caught the attention of other parents all around us, he proclaimed the faithfulness of God and how each and everything we prayed for had come to pass concerning his daughter. With tears of joy, he kept reaching out and patting my shoulder and thanking me. (For a minute I thought he was going to give me a big bear hug!) He said that as his daughter had entered into surgery, he had suddenly felt a great peace in his heart. The surgery went very well, the doctors were pleased, and his daughter was already eating and showing signs of recovery after only two days.


What a joy it was to hear such a great report and reassuring to know that God’s anointing is flowing through our hands and words… changing circumstances and giving hope! God is soooo good!


Your support of us reaches into the HEART of Paraguay!


Jerry and Connie