July 2011


Dear Friends and family,

“Please, even if we have to chip ice, I want to be water baptized!” Now we don’t have to ‘chip ice’ in Paraguay, but it can get very, VERY chilly during the months of June, July and August. This plea came from our friend Catalino Cáceres; of whom we have shared before of his response to Jesus, after his wife had prayed over 21 years for his salvation.

Catalino and fifteen others attended a special orientation class on Water Baptism, preparing for the big event when they would follow the instructions of Jesus, written in ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(Matthew 28:18-20).

With difficulty, we were able to convince Catalino and the others to wait just a little more time, allowing the weather to warm slightly. Since we are not located near a river, we filled a child’s wading/swimming pool for the ceremony. A sense of joy and excitement filled the air as we sang praises and each candidate prepared to enter into the pool.

Our friend Catalino was so excited that he stepped into the pool and sat down with his back to the congregation. Pastors Jerry and Victor got him turned around and baptized him in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). There wasn’t a dry eye in the church as he came up smiling and crying at the same time!

Another candidate, Juan Pablo, one of our neighbors that had started coming to church and received Jesus, hurried into the pool, sat down and began splashing water over himself. Pastor Jerry laughed and commented on how great it was to have people so anxious to be baptized they’d do it themselves! With joy, he and Pastor Victor then ‘re-baptized’ Juan Pablo. Once again the church cheered, as they did with each and every one of the 16 persons entering the water. Here are a few pictures of this special event… enjoy!

abel y cristina yegros 4
Abel y Cristina Yegros

anibal gonzlez 4
Anibal Gonzalez

amado donato 1
Amado Donato

antonia pineda 1
Antonia Pineda

catalino cceres 6
Catalino Caceres

daniel y noelia campuzano 6
Daniel y Noelia Campuzano

david bez 5
David Baez

estelvina campuzano 1
Estelvina Campuzano

fulvia cuba 4
Fulvia Cuba

germn cceres 4
German Caceres

jorge parcheta 5
Jorge Parcheta

juan pablo marn 4
Juan Pablo Marin

kevin coronel 5
Kevin Coronel

ngel samudio 5
Angel Samudio

Celebrate with us the RESURRECCIÓN to a changed life for these believers!

Jerry and Connie