September 2011


Dear Friends and family,


Youth… you got to love them, but there are times when you would like to lock them in the closet for a few years! Only kidding…we love our youth and are very proud of them! For years, Marta Segovia Benitez, the Director of the CEB Bible Institute, has doubled as our youth leader, assisted by her husband Dani. The love that Marta has for the 30 to 40 youth in our church is amazing. They have their hands full with the ages ranging from 12 years old to ‘whatever age’ a single person feels comfortable hanging out with the kids. Trying to balance between spiritual lessons, fun activities, and counseling keeps Marta and Dani on their toes.


September in Paraguay is Youth Month, with the official ‘Youth Day’ being September 21. During this time the whole nation celebrates with special youth activities…some wholesome and some not so much. This year Marta planned a three-day Youth Camp, inviting other youth groups to join in the fun. They had a special guest speaker, formed a youth band, and planned crazy activities to fill the time. When it was all over, there were 104 youth that attended!


Included in this throng of youth were 4-young men from the neighborhood, who had received an invitation to attend by Zulma Segovia, Dolia’s daughter. Marta reported that the lives of these youth were touched by the presence of God. She was also excited that they had been attending the youth services afterwards.


At times it is very difficult to ‘see’ what influence or impact is being made in the life of a young person, but praise God for the opportunity! From time to time we receive reports from past youth, sharing of the impact of the Word of God when they had been with us. We can only say thank you Jesus and thank you Father for our youth leaders, Marta and Dani Benitez!


Here are a few pictures of the youth camp:

2011 09 ty foto

It is our prayer that we may raise up ‘spiritual force’ of youth to impact their Nation for God.


Jerry and Connie