October 2011


Dear Friends and family,


TRAINING… yes, training has always been an important word in our ministry vocabulary, but just lately, we have seen firsthand how important it is!


It has been our thought that ‘missions’ should be based on the ‘training of the nationals’… first in the Word of God and then in the mechanics of running the ministry. Asking God for willing workers and developing their skills has taken a lot of time, patience and prayer, but we have seen God bring together a strong staff to work alongside of us. We are not talking of only the paid ministry staff, but also of the large voluntary staff of dedicated workers that minister in the church, office, Bible Institute, and outreach ministries. We are truly blessed!


2011 10 ty fotoIn October we had planned to invest in our staff even more training, by providing all seven staff members and their spouses the opportunity to attend a (normally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) church conference called COICOM-Paraguay, 2011. COICOM (Latin American Confederation of Christian Communicators and Mass Media) is a large ministry conference, presented in a different Latin American country each year. This was the first time for it to be scheduled in Paraguay. The conference hosted hundreds of workshops, meetings and ministry opportunities for leadership from all sizes of churches and ministries… a very important event!


Even though we decided to travel to the USA before the conference, our staff and many of the ministry leadership team were still able to attend the whole event. Splitting up, the leadership teams attended many of the workshops that touched on every facet of church ministry. Their email reports were very positive, sharing about the new ideas and training that had been received. (The staff was ‘pumped’ and ready to go!) For sure, this investment has already paid off and our church will enjoy the benefits for years to come.


Yes, we are enjoying the ‘fruit of our labor’ invested in the training of our staff these many years. Even though we are half a world away for a time, we have peace of mind as the ministry in Paraguay continues to run smoothly. What’s happening in Living Water Teaching – Paraguay nowadays? We are glad you asked: souls are being saved; demons cast out; individuals healed; and the Word is going forth! God is happening, and He is so faithful!


It is our prayer that we may raise up ‘trained leaders’ of equipped ones to carry the Gospel message to the nation of Paraguay.


Jerry and Connie