March 2012

2012 ty march


Dear Family and Friends,


Even though we are spending time in the States, ‘our work’ goes on in Paraguay through our faithful and loyal staff members. (Pastor Victor, Pastor Betty, Edgar, Marta, Dolia, Rodrigo and Luis.) They keep us up-dated with weekly and monthly reports of the ministries events, their challenges and their victories. (We have to admit there are moments that we long to be back in the midst of it all… but, with some of the situations, it’s nice to let Pastor Victor handle it! Ha!)


image001One of the reports sent in March was from Dolia, who is in charge of the Hola Club, Children’s Hospital Ministry. She wrote: “I want to share with you a miracle that God did in the life of a young boy in the hospital. Yesterday the mother of Jose Manuel Zaracho, who is from the city of Caraguatay, called Pastor Victor to give thanks for the miracle that God had done. In November of last year Jose Manuel was scheduled for lung surgery. The date and time of his surgery had been set and he was undergoing the pre-tests that were necessary. On the Thursday before the scheduled surgery, one of the Hola Club volunteers asked to pray with Jose and his mother. The volunteer told them ‘to believe in God and see the miracle’… and it happened! The next day when they took the boy in for surgery, the doctors examined him and said he did not need the surgery; there was nothing wrong with him! This sister (what we call another female believer) just called the church to tell us what had happened and to give thanks to God and to all of the volunteers that go to the hospital. I am very content to hear what God has done in the life of this child… glory to God! God bless you, Dolia.”


Now, how about that! Weekly God makes our little group of volunteers look good by His love, Word and Miracles. In the same report, Dolia reported that in the last two weeks they had prayed for 104 children and there were 48 parent salvations. Yes, God is at work, the poor are hearing the Word, bodies are being healed and souls saved… thank you for being such a big part of it all!


Jerry and Connie