March 2009

¡ The Year to Rise Up !




Dear Friends and family,

    Monday, March 23rd we formally presented our church building plans to be approved by the City of Capiatá!

    After much prayer, thought, and day-dreaming (not to mention eraser and scratch paper), we were ready to formulate the final building plans with Marta Gonzales, our architect. Marta is a graduate of the CEB Bible Institute. It was her desire to give back an offering of her professional talents to bless the ministry, for all that had been poured into her life. We were honored to receive her gift of love.

    Once the major adjustments and changes were made, Marta presented us with the printed copy of the plans required by law. We can’t express the joy it brought to our hearts as we thumbed through the pages, reading all the detailed figures and measurements. As quickly as possible, the plans were submitted to the City of Capiatá and… the waiting began.

    To keep the excitement alive and to motivate our church body, we made the decision to have the framing and the roof of the tin building transferred to the proposed site of the first church building. Early on Saturday morning, March 28th, a number of the church men loaded the metal structures into a large truck and then turned around (in all the heat) and unloaded them on the property. You could see and sense the satisfaction of the men as they took another step toward the completion of the vision of having our own church building. Through the work and sacrifice of their hands, God had provided the way to buy the building… now it was being placed on the property that God had miraculously provided. God is so good!

    It is with joy that we can report that on Tuesday, April 28th, the building plans for the first CEB Church building were approved, signed and delivered into the hands of Pastor Jerry… the work can begin!

Join us in celebrating this beginning of a BIG DREAM AND VISION!

     Jerry and Connie