April 2009

¡ The Year to Rise Up !

Dear Friends and family,

    Do you realize that it is possible for a church to be oblivious to what is happening in the world, as they faithfully labor in their ‘own vineyard’?In April we had the opportunity to introduce our church to the exciting ‘World of Missions’!

    Even though we are missionaries, we could sense that our church really didn’t have a clue of what missions was all about. To correct this lack of knowledge, we invited Dr. Keith Spanberger of the USA, Pastor Wilson Moir of Guatemala and Andy Adcock of the USA to be the guest speakers at our ‘first ever’ Missions Conference.

    We could sense a growing excitement as the Paraguayans heard first hand from these men that have been touching the world with the Word of God. As the visual scope of the outreach of Living Water Teaching opened up, the Church of Living Water Teaching –Paraguay discovered that they have been a part of an ever growing ministry.

    With a fanfare of national anthems, colorful pictures of the nations’ flags, and the pictures of each Country Director, the 12 nations in which Living Water Teaching is presently serving were presented. These Nations include: Brazil; Belize; Costa Rica; Cuba; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Panamá; México; Nicaragua; Paraguay and The United States of America.

    Our beloved people grabbed hold of the Word and put it into action as they gave offerings to bless the ministry of Living Water Teaching in Guatemala. Together we planted seed in ‘good soil’, declaring that ‘we receive a 100-fold return, now, in Jesus Name’! We, the Church of Living Water Teaching-Paraguay, are expecting our ‘100-fold return’ to come back to us as souls, blessed businesses, and finances abundant to build the vision that God has placed in our hearts!

    We are honored to be linked up with Living Water Teaching and you!