May 2009

¡ The Year to Rise Up !

Dear Friends and family,

    May marked the time of the 'changing of the guards' for Living Water Teaching - Paraguay Ministry... another step forward!

    Over the years, one of the most frustrating challenges in our ‘Paraguayan experience’ has been the obtaining of our legal status. This is a very involved process of red-tape and jumping through the right legal-hoops. To legally operate in Paraguay, a ministry/church must be registered with the government and given an identification number. Back in 1992, directors JD and Merri Weber attempted to start this process. Twice, since that time, we have attempted what seemed to be the impossible. (The process would suddenly come to a stop when we refused to pay any bribes.) Due to the great compassion and love of Richard and Elly Gwinn, founders of the ministry Misión La Caridad, Living Water Teaching – Paraguay has been able to operate legally under their covering for seventeen years. There are not words enough to express our thanks to this Godly couple, who have made it their priority to help and bless new missionaries in this land. Now, FINALLY, we can step out on our own… we now have our own identification number and we are helping other churches!

    A second ‘changing of the guards’ took place with the receiving of our identification number. For years a group of dedicated men and women served on our Ministry Board, they were: Pastor Isabelino & Kika Segovia, Magin Benitez, Pastor Tiago da Silva, Edgar Nuñez, Pastor Juan Acosta, and Arteimio & Eliadora Falcón. With the passing of time, all but Edgar Nuñez have moved on to other ministries and/or are pastoring. We had a special dinner in honor of our retiring Board, and time of fellowship, thanking them for their loving service.

    The former Board passed the ‘ministry wand’ on to the new Board Members, who are able to be active in the CEB Church and Bible Institute. We would like to introduce to you the new Board Members of Living Water Teaching – Paraguay (from left to right, picture above): Pastors Victor & Marlene (not present) Cardozo, Edgar Nuñez, Daniel & Marta Benitez, Juan Peralta, and Dolia & Bernardo Segovia. We are looking forward to a great year working with this group, with expectations of growth both in the physical as well as the spiritual in allof the ministry outreaches!

    Thank you for growing right along side of us!