September 2009

 ¡ The Year to Rise Up !


 Dear Family and Friends,

    September, a month of blessings!  One reason for the blessings in this month is because we both celebrate our birthdays in September. (Now it’s not polite to ask how many years… but we will say, we both have passed the ‘60 year hump’ and are going strong!) We are not the only ones - two members of our staff, Marta and Dolia, and about one-third of our church body, were born in September too. Seems we were celebrating the whole month long!

    In looking back at our September schedule, we remember the blessings of traveling in the interior to minister the Word with videos and teaching; going to pray over a church member’s property, asking God for the perfect buyer; joining members of our church for three evenings of intercessory prayer for the church and Paraguay; watching our youth group in action as they took charge of a Sunday service… and much more.

    august2009-01But, it is the blessing and miracle that God preformed for us personally in September that stands out most in our thoughts and causes us to rejoice and to count our blessings… Jerry’s health and God’s provision! As most of you know, Jerry spent a week in the hospital in August and had to return overnight in September for an expensive follow-up exam.

    We were concerned when our medical insurance said that this process was not covered by our policy… end of discussion! So, we took our supporting pastors at their word (“…when there is a need, let us know…”) and shared our situation. Our hearts were touched at how quickly the churches responded with their love, prayers and offerings… the estimated bill was covered!

    After a night in the hospital, and going through the ordeal of the exam, we were presented our hospital bill. To our shock, it was double the cost that had been estimated.  Weak kneed, we prayed: “Oh God, what do we do now?” It was at that moment Jerry noticed that the procedure written on our bill was different from that which had been submitted to the medical insurance. We quickly asked the secretary to re-submit the bill to the insurance department to see if there was anything that they would now cover. Two hours later, she came back with the answer…THE MEDICAL INSURANCE WOULD BE COVERING EVERYTHING BUT THE MEDICINES USED! The money that we pre-paid before the exam took care of that cost and the hospital owed us some money! Now that, our friend, is God in action! Glory! And, to add the ‘icing’ to the cake, Jerry was given a clean bill of Health! PTL!

God is true to his word!