October 2009

 ¡ The Year to Rise Up !


 Dear Family and Friends,

    We would like to share with you one of our adventures in October!  

Once a month, actually the first weekend of each month, we pack a trunk and head interior to visit and minister at the churches that are associated with our church, Iglesia CEB (Bible Teaching Center Church). In October it was our turn to visit Pastor Eduardo Villalba in Itá Azul (Blue Rock), but due to the fact that he was getting married on the third weekend, we opted to make the trip later in the month.

Because the pastor was getting married - the bride was Maria Gonzalez - there were no services planned at his church, so ahead of time we made arrangements to go to Navidad (Christmas) to stay with former Bible students and to minister in their church.

As we left Capiatá, we called ahead to see what the weather was like… the news wasn’t good, it was raining hard! (In the interior, when it rains, everything comes to a stop and you sit and wait.) Unwilling to give up, Jerry said we would see how far we could get… so off we went! God went before us, the rain stopped and with the 4x4 in place; we trucked right up the muddy hills. When we arrived on Friday afternoon, the family had been without electricity for two days and it didn’t come back on until Monday. Thankfully, there was electricity at the church a few miles away for both of the services!

Now, no power meant washtub baths with water pulled up from the well…burrrr! No lights to find the path out back to the one-holer (for you city folks, that’s the outhouse); no fans to cool off or to drive away the mosquitoes and flies at night; no refrigeration… you get the idea, we were camping!

The roosters made sure we knew when it was time to get up. This gave us lots of time to catch up on family and community news. During the day we got to help chase down a pig that would soon be our supper. I, Connie, got to help milk the cow… (Now, that’s not quite true. I squeezed and pulled and squeezed some more, but nothing happened, not even a drop. The lady of the house said PULL HARDER, so I did and the cow gave a big kick… but no milk. I told her I thought the cow was empty. She laughed and reached down and out came a big stream of milk!) Then, in between times, it would rain.

Friday evening we presented a movie at Navidad; Saturday was the wedding several miles away; Sunday morning we were back in the Navidad church; and Sunday evening we were in a place called Melgarejo to present a movie and minister at an outdoor campaign.

We never know what we will be facing when we go interior, but for sure, it is always an adventure in one way or the other! Care to join us next month?

God protects us in all that we do!