December 2009

¡ The Year to Rise Up !

Dear Family and Friends,

November had ended on a very negative note… thieves had broken in, robbing and destroying. They were imitating ‘the spirit’ who was behind their actions. BUT, nearly two weeks later in the month of December, Father God slapped that ‘old spirit’ up side of the head!

In remembering back, our main concern was centered on our church family and how this blow would affect them. Over a long period of time this wonderful group of people had put so much work and effort into raising the funds for the construction and had been faithful in giving their tithes and offerings also. Then, in one short stroke, all had been ransacked …the moneybox lay empty on the floor.

BUT GOD!!!! Yes, that three letter word ‘BUT’ coupled with the Name of our Father God changed everything and we are still shouting praises!

Together, we the pastors and the church family decided to forgive the thieves, put our hope in God and His Word, and rolled up our sleeves and started again. Would you believe, we didn’t even have time to meet with the Pro-construction Committee to plan our next steps! Our Father God moved on our behalf and sent enough funds to replace what had been stolen. He provided enough ‘extra’ to make some security improvements on the property.

Needless to say, our year ended in victory! We were able to plan and enjoy the Christmas holidays with peace of mind and joy of heart. Here are some pictures of ‘our church family’ celebrating the birth of Christ.