November 2009

¡ The Year to Rise Up !

Dear Family and Friends,

    The Year 2009 is ending with lots of rain, which is proving to be a mixed blessing. We are enjoying some cooler temperatures. But with the rains, we are experiencing a few problems in our ‘open air church’… FLOODING! 

Well, maybe not floods, but enough water to cause damage and keep our feet wet! Many Paraguayans do not leave their house if it is raining, PERIOD! We have worked for years to change this mindset concerning church attendance during the rainy season. We have established the rule that we are ‘open for worship’ no matter what the weather conditions. There have been very few services that we have had to close the doors due to adverse conditions. In fact, some of our most precious times in the Lord’s presence have been during hurricane type storms.
    This time around, the metal columns could not handle the weight of the water and the winds caught by the roofing tarp; they twisted and came down. We are thankful because not too many storms back a big tree came crashing down in an open part of the property!

 On this day, due to the rain and lightening, we couldn’t use the sound equipment, so Pastor Jerry came under the tarp with us to preach his sermon. At one point the ushers brought in a plank to stand on because little rivers began to form and flow under the chairs. Being on the downhill side, Jerry was nearly ankle deep in red sandy water, but he didn’t miss a beat as he taught. Here are a few pictures to help you experience our ‘open air church’.

God is so good!